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Organic Farming Certification Application Form


Thank you for choosing MCCAA to provide you with this service. Kindly complete this application form and should you have any queries in completing it, contact us on (+356) 2395 2000 or via email on

On receipt of the completed application form, the Standards and Metrology Institute (SMI) of the MCCAA will contact you to provide further information and a quote for service.

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Do you use pesticides and fertilizers as indicated in EC Regulation 834/2007?
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The following documents are to be enclosed with this application form:

  1. Producer
    • List of all agricultural produce;
    • All relevant site plans;
    • All site references indicating those that are used for conventional farming and that will be used for organic farming;
    • Crop rotation plan indicating the site number and the planned crop rotation of the coming 3 years.


  1. Processor
    • Products list with ingredient percentages;
    • Raw materials used;
    • Process flow chart for each product;
    • Suppliers of raw materials and their organic certification;
    • Environmental Health Directorate certificate of operations.
  1. Importer
    • Products imported into the EU and their country of origin;
    • Suppliers and certificates of their controlling body;
    • Information on transport arrangements;
    • Information on storage facilities and distribution.
  1. Retailer
    • Products list;
    • Suppliers and their certificates.
  1. Wholesaler
    • Products list;
    • Suppliers and their certificates;
    • Process flow charts;
    • Procedure for management of traceability;
    • Environmental Health Directorate certificate of operations.
  1. Other trader
    • Products list;
    • Suppliers and their certificates.
Kindly attach any relevant documents

Use this option to:

- attach any relevant supporting information describing the organisation's scope of operation, such as organisation brochues, publicity material, website addresses, etc.

- provide documentary evidence of the legal status of the organisation

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