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Trust You Scheme Application Form


The aim of the Trust Mark scheme is to enhance consumer confidence in genuine businesses and organisations that are willing to abide by a code of conduct that safeguards consumers' interests.

The code covers the whole service/product acquisition cycle. A sale starts from promoting and advertising the products or services offered for sale, then there is the negotiating stage where the seller and the buyer come together to conclude the sale, the actual purchase, and finally the after sales service.

The scheme is open to any entity that comes in contact with people. It is open to large and small enterprises, to service providers, and also to non-Government organisations.


The scheme is very simple to follow and the only commitment by those signing up to participate in the scheme is to adhere to the following code of conduct:

  1. Promote a customer friendly relationship;
  2. Conform to all relevant regulations;
  3. Ensure that premises are accessible and safe;
  4. Advertise and provide information in a way that does not mislead potential customers;
  5. Try to understand customer requirements and advise accordingly;
  6. Indicate/quote prices that are all-inclusive;
  7. Adhere to agreed commitments;
  8. Ensure that all complaints are dealt with in a timely manner;
  9. Avoid whenever possible that disputes are referred to the Consumer Claims Tribunal by opting for resolution through mediation;
  10. Provide an adequate after-sales customer service.

To sign up businesses or organisations need to fill in an application form. A seperate application form needs to be filled for each outlet.


A certificate and stickers with the Trust You logo will be sent to successful applicants and these must be displayed in a prominent place in the establishment where consumers can see them. Each year a new logo is issued indicating the current year.

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